Disney Developing New Live-Action Dragon Ball Movie With Asian Cast

Disney is reportedly in the early stages of developing a new live-action Dragon Ball movie and the big-budget film is set to feature a fully Asian cast.

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HRoach61621d ago

This is a property I have a hard time believing can be done properly in live action. There’s ways to do it. But not without massive budgets and multiple films. And anime just isn’t something big Hollywood studios want to invest that kind of time and money into.
Would love to be proven wrong though.

Side note. Think lord of the rings style epic. Small time jumps in between movies.
DBZ- The Sayan Arrival
DBZ 2- Frieza
DBZ 3- The Android Age(ending with Cell)

AnubisG18d ago

As a DB fan, it makes me sad that they let the social justice warrior Disney touch DB. Be prepared for a movie filled with political agenda.