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Disney Plus is a Better Value than Netflix

Disney Plus is a Better Value than Netflix - With Disney Plus finally available to the public, there's no denying that it's already an amazing value.

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guywazeldatatt1048d ago

Disney plus is so amazing. the first episode of the Mandalorian was so amazing and there's soi much more Star Wars on the way. Kenobi will be great. The future of Star Wars is streaming. TV is superior to film. Netflix will die like they deserve, especially since they now want to introduce commercials.

anakinskywalker671048d ago

netflix sucks but Disney Plus and SW is SJW garbage. I will never support this shit. screw the mandalorian and Disney's "monopoly". I hope they burn.

guywazeldatatt1048d ago

you have some pent-up issues dude. Do you even have the service? It's sleek and just really really good. I'm loving it. And the free deal with Verizon, you cannot beat it.

lifeistranger1048d ago

TLJ sucks and is SJW propaganda but The Mandalorian is anything but. calm down. the catalog in disney plus is so extensive, and it's better than Netflix, who now wants to implement COMMERCIALS. That's worse than anything Disney has done. And no, they have not "ruined" star wars.

b163o11048d ago

I like it cause of it's got the cartoons I grow up watching, and I've begun rewatching them. X-men, Gargoyles, GoofTroop, GummiBears, Spiderman(all out them), RescueRangers, Doug, Bonkers, and so many more...

zodiac9091048d ago

SOMEHOW I knew this guy would be here kissing Disney & Star Wars ass..

TheSuperiorGamer1048d ago

I'm just glad it gives us the opportunity to get the Kenobi series. I couldn't care less about the marvel shows, but the backlog is amazing and Ewan McGregor coming back is so exciting. It's ironic Star Wars TV is thriving (animated shows too minus Resistance which sucks) while the films are plummeting. Disney Plus will be the standard for streaming moving forward.

guywazeldatatt1048d ago

if they have vader and kenobi meet and fight, and that's what Vader referenced in ANH, I will crap myself, I kid you not. I was watching spider-man last night from the 90s, my favorite cartoon ever. They just have so much and it's all so good. I'm really excited for the future. and Star Wars TV is pulling from all those scripts George wrote for an "underworld" SW show that never got off the ground bc it was "too expensive." Well, now we have The Mandalorian. I also like that Disney doesn't release everything all at once. It gives us time to digest shows. It's a better business model. And they'll never give us commercials, thank god.

AnubisG1048d ago

It has DuckTales, Chip n' Dale, TaleSpin so it's automatically better than netflix.

Hroach6161048d ago

Not at the moment it’s not. I have it. It’s good. But there’s so much content they don’t have on it yet. Once the licensing issues are done and they can put EVERYTHING on Disney+ then yeah it totally will be.

yellowgerbil1048d ago

Amazon is the real streaming service to get. Next year Wheel of Time, gunna be a million times better than game of thrones. Plus a Lord of the ring show too, and The Boys is better than any Disney super hero show in the works.

Hroach6161048d ago

I’ve had Prime for years. They have a few good original shows. But 90% of their second party content is absolutely terrible or outdated. A few good shows again there. But they have less than a dozen things worth watching.
Lord of the rings will prob be dope though I’m def waiting for that.

yellowgerbil1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

they are building the best shows. It is just slow going. Boys is great.
They have TONS of big projects in the works
Wheel of Time (best fantasy series hands down)
Show based on Steven King (dark tower or something, not a king fan)
new show by Christopher Nolan's brother (who wrote most of his movies)
Boys season 2 and their other shows though don't care for carnival row or jack Ryan
Also that Phillip Dick anthology was good (lot like Netflixes Black Mirror)

Also their free with prime stuff ain't terrible, been watching a bunch of Rifftrax that actually has the video and audio synced (if you like MST3K this is better, and stars the best version of the MST3K crew)

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