People not impressed with Rodriguez's new film, want Alita sequel instead

Hypnotic, Robert Rodriguez's upcoming action thriller does not have fans thrilled. Many claim that Alita: Battle Angel was his best work and want a sequel.

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SkatterBrain32d ago

yep hope they make it , i wanna see what happens next soo much i think id even watch the Anime to find out

Fist4achin32d ago

You probably have to read the manga series. As far as anime, the only made a couple of episodes and then it was scrapped.

Either way, I hope they don't leave us hanging for long.

Edgelordsupreme32d ago

Absolutely not.

That movie was trash, but you know having a weird fixation with a CG character is healthy normal person behaviour.

Inzo31d ago

Let me guess. You are a Cpt Marvel fan?

Edgelordsupreme31d ago

What does Captain Marvel have to do with Alita being trash? Are you people really this triggered? I didn't like Captain Marvel either, are you happy now?

ChrisW31d ago

Too much "uncanny valley" for you?

Edgelordsupreme31d ago

Pretty much the opposite, her eyes and her expressions barely read as human.

Auron32d ago

Why? Disney is just going to want to sjw the crap out of the sequel.

pngman131d ago

James Cameron owns the rights to Alita, and said he would like to make a sequel with or without Disney...

franwex32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Enough with the Alita trash already. It flopped. Get over it.

Also Alita is most def not his best work. Desperado is arguably his best work. But then there’s Dusk til Dawn, Planet Terror, etc.

Edgelordsupreme31d ago

It's the definition of petulant children, I'm beginning to wonder if it's the whole anime character come to life aspect of it. I mean it's pretty obvious that these people who are THIS positive on a middling adaptation of an anime aren't exactly the most balanced people in the world.

Also I would add Sin City to you list.

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