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Carrie Fisher's Original 'Rise Of Skywalker' Role Would've Made Bros Mad

Carrie Fisher would've had an epic part in 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' that paid off 'The Last Jedi' and triggered all the puffy-chested bros.

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Hroach616439d ago

No. It would have made fans bothered. It would have come out of nowhere and not aligned with anything in any previous movies. The floating through space scene was odd enough. But passable considering she has a natural affinity for the force. But to straight up have Jedi training makes no sense in context of any of the other films or extended cannon.
She’s a fantastic character and the defecto leader of the alliance. Some tacky new storyline would most likely only come off wrong. She didn’t/doesn’t need it.
I’m no bro. I’m a Star Wars nerd. We’re worse.