Ranking The Skywalker Saga Pre - The Rise of Skywalker

Ranking The Skywalker Saga Pre - The Rise of Skywalker - The Skywalker Saga is classic, and while some dislike the Sequel Trilogy, here is how they rank.

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guywazeldatatt11d ago

list may be controversial but let's see how things play out while we're on the cusp of the rise of skywalker's release.

anakinskywalker6711d ago

attack of the clones at 4? okay, list is trash. by far the worst SW film.

guywazeldatatt11d ago

I disagree. it's very much a detective story and Anakin's story is superb. while the editing may be a little lackluster, it's a really good film and has a lot of replayability value.

TheSuperiorGamer11d ago

this list is shitty. Empire at 3? Seriously? At least it's ahead of ANH I guess, but barely above TPM. lame af. re-evalute your life.

emiyaxtousaka11d ago

This is the worst SW list I have ever read. seriously. stop with the death sticks and re-think your life.

guywazeldatatt11d ago

Revenge of the Sith is the best SW film!

FTLmaster11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Abysmal list. Empire Strikes Back should be number 1. Return of The Jedi should be number 2. FACT.

guywazeldatatt10d ago

no ESB if i'm being objective has bad pacing (they all do to an extent). ROTS is the best. deal with it! and TPM is better than people think!

FTLmaster10d ago

I rewatched the prequels recently and somehow they're even worse than I remember them... I respect your opinion, of course, but good god, I would never put any of the prequels above the original trilogy.

guywazeldatatt10d ago

I saw the Special Editions in theaters but owned the original versions on VHS as a kid and grew up with those. the SE came out when I was 10 I think? TPM came out when I was 13. maybe it's generational? I identify with Anakin, so maybe that's a part of it. I don't know. I like the OT, I like the PT, but can we agree the ST is just bad? lol.

FTLmaster10d ago

You may ge onto something with the generational thing, yeah. I’m a bit older and grew up with the OT. Ah, I surprisingly liked the new ST so far (even though I didn't jive with some aspects of it) and am excited for Rise of the Skywalker. I guess we can agree that we’re both passionate about Star Wars! :)