Star Wars Fan Film "Shrouded Destiny"

A fan made pilot episode set in the Star Wars Universe more than 500 years before the Star Wars Luke Skywalker Episodes.

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zodiac90934d ago

Vader: Shards Of The Past, Obi Wan Vs Vader SC 38 Reimagined, and this...EVERYTHING the fans do these days FAR surpass the garbage Disney poops out. And what's even more shameful is that, Disney has billions of dollars...

Allsystemgamer34d ago

Was ok. Needs better cinematography, better grading and better effects (lasers are stupid easy to do these days) but it’s still better than what Disney is putting out.

Sarcasm34d ago

The cinematography or effects wasn't the worst part. It's the lack of any story at all for a "short story" that made it entirely forgettable.

Godmars29033d ago

Yeah. Ca't really see a Padawan acting so indirectly.