What Happened To Spider-Man's Uncle Ben In The MCU?

Ever since Spider-Man showed up in Captain America: Civil War, he’s come with his own set of problems. And there is one big one: Uncle Ben.

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MorningStar323d ago

He went out for a pack of smokes

SkatterBrain323d ago

got a sex change and became Aunt Mae Duh

NovusTerminus323d ago

He ded. We don't need to see that happen again, it's been shown so many times.

Prince-Ali323d ago

People like you are idiots... lol honestly! You guys complain about Uncle Ben's death because you've seen it soo many times and yet you're ok with watching stupid story telling that adds little to nothing to make this Spider-Man a compelling character.

Lord_Sloth322d ago

He didn't say he's seen it too many times so much as we all know what happened. Marvel said some time ago they weren't going to do origin films anymore and everybody knows where Spiderman came from and his motivations. We all know the "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility" line, the wrestling story, etc. Hell we've seen it with 2 actors alone since 02 and we don't really need a 3rd. Poor dude's been shot enough.

2pacalypsenow323d ago

They prob want to make aunt May a lesbian, it's the most woke thing to do.