The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Analysis - Every Generation Has a Legend

The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Analysis - The last trailer for The Rise of Skywalker has hit, giving us the last trailer for the Legend of our generation.

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guywazeldatatt20d ago

a lot of really neat stuff here. so many things you can pick apart. I really liked the trailer!

TheSuperiorGamer20d ago

I didn't notice the battle droid! cool! and that throne room scene stuff. and the original concept art from lucas for the trilogy? very cool stuff man!

guywazeldatatt20d ago

and the concept art from mcquarrie. the legend. they really are pulling out all the stops here.

anakinskywalker6720d ago

it was a mediocre trailer, but 3p0 gave me the feelz. palpatine being alive is stupid. negates anakin's whole arc.

guywazeldatatt20d ago

don't disagree on the last part but let's just see how it plays out...