First Dark Fate Reactions Call It The Best Terminator Movie Since T2

The first reactions to Terminator: Dark Fate are now in and apparently, it's the best movie in the series since Terminator 2.

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Inzo22d ago

Of course they will say its the best since T2, its all about diversity and female empowerment.

PapaBop22d ago

Sarah Connor is one of the most badass female characters though, T2 is female empowerment done right, it comes across as natural.

CaptainTravel21d ago

Linda Hamilton was very good in the first two but in this one her acting looks very stiff and anything but natural. The rest looked good though.

SouthClaw22d ago

The comments go hard on the feminism focus....

I've got no issue with females in lead roles but when you put your political agenda before a story and bang on at people about female empowerment you lose all respect. Women being in leading roles with serious characters is nothing new. Alien? Salt? Terminator 1 & 2? Bend if like Beckham? Star Wars original? Silence of the lambs? Kill bill 1&2? i am tonya? The Hunger Games? Erin Brockovich? Pretty Woman? Game of Thrones?

This is the problem people bang on about "equality" but what they really want is more female forced roles with a forced story instead of having a natural story with strong female and male characters.

PapaBop22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Almost justifies things though, easy way to influence reviews I think a lot of the films you listed though, it's hard to believe they are pushing a political agenda. The rise of feminism in a more mainstream capacity is a more recent thing and many of the films you listed are very memorable for their heroines. Sigourney Weaver is an amazing actress, casting her as the main actress in Aliens was a sound choice and seeing the character development of Ripley over the span of the movies speaks for itself "get away from her you bitch" is a cult classic quote. I'd say the same with Jodie Foster and Julia Roberts. There is also noway in hell Tarantino would pander to SJWs.

HRoach61621d ago

They said the exact same thing about the last 3 terminator movies BEFORE they came out. Then real reviews were released lol

masterfox21d ago

after seeing the first trailer sorry no it isn't, also lots of movie reviewers are a blasphemy.