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Rey's Lineage Confirmed in The Skywalker Saga Novel

Rey's Lineage Confirmed in the Skywalker Saga Novel - The Skywalker Saga Novel, which has already released, has seemingly confirmed Rey's lineage.

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guywazeldatatt1074d ago

Two possibilities from the leaks: Rey is a Skywalker-Solo or born from the force like anakin through Palpatine's manipulation. only explanations as to why Rey is so frieking powerful.

anakinskywalker671074d ago

This would be stupid though. Another Anakin? That's so contrived!

guywazeldatatt1074d ago

one of the two has to be correct. my bet is on Palps manipulation which would make Rey Anakin's sister. The description of the novel all but confirms one of these two theories is correct.

xTonyMontana1073d ago

One of the TLJ leaks had Rey being the force reincarnation of Anakin, it sounded terrible, there was scene where Rey demanded to know if Luke was her father and he turns around and went something along the lines of "no you are my father" I'm so glad that was either fake or removed.

For me though it almost feels like that is the only logical explanation at this point. Never flew before yet could best multiple pro pilots. Could fix the Falcon better than Han, has had next to no force training yet seemingly on a similar level to Kylo Ren.. her being the reincarnation of Anakin would make a lot of sense.

guywazeldatatt1073d ago

Tony I remember that leak well. I don’t think she’s a reincarnation though. 🤷🏻‍♂️

emiyaxtousaka1074d ago

Either explanation would satisfy me. I have thought Rey was like Anakin the entire time.

lifeistranger1074d ago

I like this, but wouldn't say it's confirmed. It's a high probability though.

yomfweeee1074d ago

Love the clixkbait. "Confirmed" in header. But not confirmation.

The novel is telling the Skywalker story from the movies so far. Rey is main character in 7-8 so it would make since things are described from her POV. Doesn't confirm she is one or not.

xTonyMontana1073d ago

Watch the first TFA trailer. While not a proper confirmation but Luke saying something along the lines of "The force is strong in my family, I have it, my sister has it, you have that power too" Could have been referring to Kylo but the way he says it sounds like he was addressing the main protagonist which would be Rey.

guywazeldatatt1073d ago

It was always JJ's intention; RJ just effed everything up and didn't care about following through on the setups from TFA. TROS will rectify this.

zodiac9091073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

No one gives a damn about Star Wars at this point, if you did not notice.

xTonyMontana1073d ago

I think the amount of comments you see in the Star Wars articles begs to differ.

guywazeldatatt1073d ago

people care. a lot. there is a lot of hype for TROS. the internet is not real life.

guywazeldatatt1073d ago

then why are you commenting on this? lmfao

zodiac9091070d ago

I just ask seeing that you post like 2 pointless star wars articles per week.

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