Has Joker Resurrected the DCEU?

Joker is not officially linked to the DCEU but to DC Black. Films in this category are not directly connected to the main DC cinematic universe but DCEU,

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v_eno_m550d ago

no, far from it. in fact, the complete opposite for me. DCEU is a lost "cash grab" cause.

Averyashimself546d ago (Edited 546d ago )

I'd be totally fine with this being a prequel universe or something along those lines. You could easily involve Wonder Woman, considering she's getting a movie that takes place in 84', a young batman with robin before he died. You could always have a Flashpoint event that creates an alternate universe where the present Clark, Aquaman, and Cyborg go back in time for a Justice League in the 80's film. The possibilities are there, they just need to make the right cards fall in place and HAVE A PLAN.