Alita petition boasts almost USD$2mill in value as it reaches 80k signatures

It's becoming harder for Disney to ignore the demand for Alita: Fallen Angel as the petition is quickly reaching 80, 000 signatures.

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Software_Lover30d ago

They need to make the movie and market it better than they did the first one. Hell, show the first one free with this movie lol.

xTonyMontana29d ago

Disney, making a bunch of live action adaptations nobody asked for meanwhile fans are having to go all out to try and convince then to do a sequel of a great movie. "Sorry everyone, we'd love to make Alita 2 but we're too busy blowing cash ruining your memories of Nightmare Before Christmas" .. you couldn't make it up.

kernel29d ago

Not sure why Disney sabotaged their own movie so hard, even if they weren’t behind the foolish media attacks they sure did nothing to help out.

Lord_Sloth29d ago

The movie still made a good profit regardless, earning back a little over twice it's budget. Not bad at all for a non-Marvel movie adaptation of a semi-obscure anime.

annoyedgamer29d ago

Disney was too busy buying seats for Captain Marvel and could not be reached for comment.