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Kevin Smith says that his past films are problematic

While promoting his upcoming movie, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Kevin Smith was confronted about his earlier work and agreed that it was problematic.

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GruntboxWizard27d ago

Cool now I know not to watch it.

Eiffel26d ago

It unironicly looks like garbage from the trailer anyway. He's still trying to make his untalented daughter famous.

ChrisW26d ago

SIGH.... Didn't read the article?

"Chasing Amy was praised for how woke it was in 1997 only two years ago but now it is considered problematic and is receiving flack from the LGBTQ+ community. It could be the result of Smith’s choice to resurrect two of the most non-PC characters in his ‘Askewniverse’."

Gaming4Life198127d ago

Jay & Silent Bob strikes back is hilarious and probably my favorite Kevin Smith movie.

RizBiz26d ago


mogwaii27d ago

Kevin Smith is so up his own arse it's painful reading anything about him.

ChrisW26d ago

I'd agree wholeheartedly if it were for him being on the near-bottom of the totem pole for up arse-ness compared to other producers and actors...

And that totem pole style dildo is so long and flexible, it reaches more than halfway through the small intestines.
(the imagery is gross, but necessary)

meganick27d ago

Why do leftists love the word “problematic” so much?

madpuppy27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

IT's a word that sounds very much something a Communist Political officer would use, just before they haul you and your family off to a gulag in Siberia.

annoyedgamer26d ago

We only harvest the organs of the worst offenders. Most gulag workers spend their days happily mining to support civilized society.

ChrisW26d ago

So the tree-hugging, save-the-environment, healthcare-for-all, accept-LGB+, anti-supremacist, (list goes on...) people are akin to Mao's Red-Guard or Stalin-Putin's NKVD/KGB???

Keep chuggin' that Kool-Aid... Because in decades to come your ideology is not only going to be resoundingly outdated, but heavily mentioned in history books so that future generations know what people like you really were.

TheColbertinator26d ago

Because "deplorable" fell out of use.

ChrisW26d ago

No... It was queerly embraced. Thus became ineffective.

ZombieGamerMan27d ago

And some industry people will rag on Todd Phillips for complaining woke culture has ruined comedy

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