Kylo Ren's Fate in The Rise of Skywalker Revealed

Kylo Ren's Fate in The Rise of Skywalker Revealed - Kylo Ren's role in The Rise of Skywalker has been revealed, per Matt Dallas.

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guywazeldatatt31d ago

If true I will be very happy. Very very very happy.

XenosagaFan2831d ago

This is actually really cool. Mirrors Jacen/Jaina. I'm down. Jaina's my favorite SW character.

Eiffel31d ago

Too bad unlike Jacen and Jaina, these characters are horrible.

xTonyMontana31d ago

Kylo is a great character, Rey not so much.

lifeistranger31d ago

This is cool and all but still won't see it opening night. JJ is a good director but TLJ put a sour taste in my mouth.

guywazeldatatt31d ago

to each their own but I think JJ will right the ship. I have faith in him.

ShinjukuSon31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

JJ is a shill who rides on the shoulders of giants. He hasn't made any thing good original. All his SW and ST works and just pure fan service with no actual depth.

xTonyMontana31d ago

That's the difference between JJ and Rian, JJ obviously bothered to read the EU while Rian might as well not have.