Live-Action Nightmare Before Christmas Reboot Still In Development

A live-action reboot of The Nightmare Before Christmas is reportedly in development at Disney and will definitely be happening.

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HRoach61638d ago

The original is pretty much perfect. There’s no need to remake this movie. Nothing of substance would be added. Go ahead and remake it. I’ll just rewatch the original and skip out on the new one. Have fun wasting millions.

Chexs199037d ago

Dude, they just announced that they will be rebooting Alien and Die Hard as well... How the f**k do you even improve on those 2?

HRoach61637d ago

You don’t. Those are classics of cinema.
Let em waste a bunch of money. Some movies just can’t be improved upon with anything meaningful.
Can you believe some loser DM’d me on here saying I have a poor attitude towards reboots or some such none sense lol It’s just facts.

Oddmania37d ago

A live-action reboot... ? Oh dear god. How about a sequel to Beetlejuice instead, and a proper animated sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas?