Jennifer Aniston Thinks There Should Be Fewer Marvel Movies

In an interview with Variety, Jennifer Aniston stated that she thinks there are too many Marvel movies, and not enough of the classic romances.

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Inzo32d ago

Absolutely, that being said my Marvel interest ended ironically with endgame.

Lord_Sloth32d ago

I don't think she is. There's a lot of them in existence, sure, but only about 2-3 come out in a year and it isn't Marvel's fault that of the other hundreds of movies that come out aren't romances.

Sitdown32d ago

A rough estimate shows that 736 movies were released in US cinemas in 2016 If Marvel released two movies, that is .002%, which is nothing. Of course she wants more romance, between her personal life and movie roles, but the market is saying something completely different.

32d ago
mastershredder32d ago

Oh just marvel? No. Super hero movies in general are played out as are the super cross over the-band’s-all-here bs.