Captain Marvel's Brie Larson Has The Perfect Response To YouTube Trolls

As part of Variety's deep-dive feature, Brie Larson had the perfect response to those Captain Marvel YouTube trolls.

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Inzo34d ago

Yeeeeeah thats not a response. Thats called denial, one of the five stages of grief.

CaptainTravel33d ago

It's a great response because trolls love attention and she didn't give it to them.

Inzo33d ago

Is that why when a guy with 50 followers on twitter criticised Brie Larson, she sent her mob after him and he had to deactivated his twitter account? Sorry but its pathetic. She knows about the hate and she knows its justified. Here is some good news, Disney has just decided not to green light Captain Marvel 2.

ravinash34d ago

Some people have a life and don't spend all their time in the comments section on twitter or YouTube.
Is anyone surprised that Brie didn't see any of this.... I'm not.