Netflix's Live Action Remake of Cowboy Bebop Is Now in Production

As part of a cute promotion video, Netflix has announced that its anticipated – or dreaded – live-action remake of the classic ’90s anime, Cowboy Bebop, is now in production.

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ReVibe7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I can almost picture that room of producers brainstorming exactly how much they can fuck up the Faye Valentine character. Also, there's no actor, never has been, never will be, that can capture Edward. Not happening.

Seriously, Cowboy Bebop has no business being remade, updated, or certainly adapted. In no way can I imagine that they'll respect the characters, music, or overall feel of just another day in a dog-eat-dog solar system. It's Netflix. We know there's going to be reapproiations. virtue signaling, the works. Everything Cowboy Bebop stands for is going to be saturated with current year bullshit that's going to be nothing like the creator's vision of humanity's future.

Not even irl Ein has me hyped. This gets said about a lot of things these days, but seriously; No. One. Wants. This.