Marvel Reportedly Wants Hugh Jackman To Return In Wolverine Vs. Hulk Movie

With Marvel Studios now holding the movie rights to the X-Men, the role of Wolverine is still Hugh Jackman's if he wants to play the character again.

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MWH31d ago

I think that book is better left closed. Jackman's Logan story is completed gracefully and so is the original cast.

Reboot the X-MEN.

HRoach61631d ago

I 100% agree....... but I can’t help but think of HOW amazing something like this could be lol

HentaiElmo30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Can’t happen Marvel can’t produce a movie with hulk on the tittle as they don’t own distribution rights for the hulk universe of characters only universal can do it plus profesor hulk would be killed by wolverine he isn’t even 1/4 the power of the regular Movies hulk whom isn’t a 1/8 the power of the comics hulk

2pacalypsenow29d ago

I'm surprised Disney doesn't want to make Wolverine a woman.