X-Men Fans Furious That A Person Of Color May Be Cast As MCU's Magneto

Following the news that Marvel may cast a person of color as the MCU's Magneto, fans have now taken to Twitter to share their frustrations.

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MWH600d ago

the people behind these radical changes are seizing power across all media platforms and an agenda with all the resources to see it through.

m2stech599d ago

No matter intention or agenda it only further fuels hate and racism.

Wulfer599d ago (Edited 599d ago )

The answer is easily I'll voice my opinion with my wallet! If Disney continues, well they can continue without me. They won't see those massive returns if they continue to upset their consumers. Black Panther was awesome and the cast was right but these changes to key members just won't work. Is it too much to ask for an Avengers budget level movie with the cast of some of the old X-men characters unchanged?

SkatterBrain599d ago

Weird Cause I've Never Seen a White Magnet ,they're usually black

Dixiedevil599d ago

Marvel...It was good while it lasted.

justsomeoffdude599d ago

As an african I completely support the backlash, why on earth would it be ok to change magneto's race? Instead of doing that why not work on making black marvel characters more prominent in the mcu? Iron man was a b-tier marvel character, look at him in the MCU today. Why not do the same for war machine or Bishop (x-men) or falcon, e.t.c instead of just plainly seizing another character and making them black? Didn't they learn from the johnny storm in the whack FF movie? #SMH.

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The story is too old to be commented.