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Man of Steel 2 and J.J. Abrams – A Match Made in Heaven?

J.J. Abrams' Man of Steel 2, starring Cavill, would certainly generate a lot of hype, and it's something that a majority of film fans would love to see.

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KingPin30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

with WB, watch this not happen.

Inzo30d ago

JJ Abrams is nothing more than a B movie director. He destroyed Star Trek, moved on to destroying Star Wars and now he has his sights set on Superman.

ravinash30d ago

Superman at the moment is in a poor state, so it would be hard to make it worse.

meganick30d ago

I’m sure Abrams will find a way.

HRoach61630d ago

Don’t call it man of steel 2 unless Cavill is back. I’ll see a new Superman obviously. But if it’s a direct sequel without him I’ll def have to skip it. That would just scream heartless cash grab rush job by producers.

Side note: I always enjoy JJ’s movies. He has an old school feel to all of them. A nod to movies from back in the day but with modern sensibilities. I’d like him to do it.