Lewis Tan confirms he's playing Johnny Cage part in MK movie

Wu Assassins actor, Lewis Tan, sneakily tweeted confirming that he is playing Johnny Cage's part in Mortal Kombat. But there might be a catch.

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Allsystemgamer602d ago

Uh. Johnny cage is supposed to be the classic White Hollywood douchebag actor.

Why do they keep race bending every character? This is getting annoying.

MWH602d ago

Finish it; this is getting annoying, as F***!

ReVibe602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

Ah yes, I remember my Asian race appropriation lecture from Uncle. Probably one of the top three most hamfisted racism scenes I've seen in screen acting, real talk. This guy is prime reboot material.

kevinsheeks602d ago

I liked johnny as he was :( . . . I liked his growth in the recent games I was hoping to see that play out on the big screen but nvm I guess :(

Minimox16602d ago

I think next will be Liu Kang has a black guy then

xTonyMontana602d ago

I always thought Scott Adkins would have been a great fit for the role if he isn't too old now. Lewis Tan is a great addition to the movie though, he was great in Into the Badlands but not as Cage.

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