Spider-Man Will Return To The MCU If Apple Buys Sony

In a new twist, Apple is rumored to be buying Sony, which could mean the rights to Spider-Man would automatically go back to Marvel.

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meganick36d ago

That would be a heck of a twist.

dubbedanimehq36d ago

If Spider-Man doesn't return to the MCU it will be a big mistake and will create a huge loss for everyone. Drop the politics and restore order to the universe =)

Allsystemgamer35d ago

Tell Disney to stop being greedy. That’s why this happened in the first place.

2pacalypsenow35d ago

The ball is in Disney's court.

phantomexe35d ago

A buyout would be good? Wtf over a movie. I see it now I can't have my way so a sony buyout a good thing. I'd like to see spiderman in the mcu too but hopeing sony gets bought out so I can have my way sounds like something my 7 year old daughter say.

Inzo35d ago

And in the the meantime this story has already been debunked.

HentaiElmo35d ago

I don’t think that Apple can buy Sony and the article is wrong in that regard if any it’s sony pictures that they could buy not Sony in its entirety as the article makes it seem.

jaycptza35d ago

The Sony board already blocked this. Daniel Loeb already suggested they spin off the Sony Pictures into its own company. It was blocked

kernel35d ago

They could if they really wanted to, but I don’t think they do.

2pacalypsenow35d ago

It's insane how many people are on Disney's side on this, Disney is the bad guy here.

Sony is just standing up to that monopoly, I guess people don't wanna think, just be entertained.

kernel35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Disney has the better pr, doesn’t matter what is true.

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The story is too old to be commented.