Power Season 6 Episode 4 "Why Is Tommy Still Alive?" Recap I The Koalition

Gary Swaby of The Koalition writes: On this week’s episode of Powercast, we recap Power season 6 episode 4 and talk through some of the intense moments. Will Proctor’s hand be forced? Does Dre have his own plans for Ghost? Will Tariq be able to keep Vincent satisfied? How long can Tommy run the drug business without obstacles? Will Tasha allow herself to fall for someone new? And most importantly, will Jamie St. Patrick continue to be influenced by the piece of Angela inside of him? Listen to our take on all these plot threads and be sure to share your own thoughts with us in the comments.

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rbailey203d ago

This was an overall better episode than what we have seen so far this season. Hopefully, things will improve even further from here on out.