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Marvel May Cast A Person Of Color For The MCU's Professor X And Magneto

Full Circle Cinema is reporting that Magneto and Professor X may be played by people of colour in the upcoming Marvel Studios X-Men reboot.

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2pacalypsenow640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

Yes because Magneto, being born a German Jew in the 1930's should be played by a Black or Hispanic actor....


In that case, Black panther should be played by Tom Hanks.

Oddmania639d ago (Edited 639d ago )

They'll just turn it around and say "It's not the same Magneto. It's a different rendition of the character. It takes place on a parallel Earth" or something along those lines. You know, like the new female James Bond movie: "It's not James Bond, it's a different character, so it's perfectly okay. I don't know what you all bigots are compaining about."

2pacalypsenow639d ago (Edited 639d ago )

He used the word Bigot lmaooooo


Oh what a retard..

Averyashimself640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

Oh great, just what this series needed. Instead of just mediocre plots between Xavier and Eric, now they're going to miscast the characters too! It's no wonder the X-Men movies series have seriously went down hill. You've got people who make decisions like this in charge.

Wulfer640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

If they keep this miss casting up I'll just not go see them. This is getting out of hand now. These characters were picked because of the story arches they created. What's next Magneto's mother wasn't killed in the Holocaust?

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