Schwarzenegger confirms growing an epic beard for The Legend of Conan

Former Cali. Governor and all around bad-ass, Arnold Schwarzenegger, teased latest Terminator and talked about his beard in The Legend of Conan on Reddit.

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Inzo6d ago

Please Arnold distance yourself from the Her-minator movies. I really hope the new Conan raises the toxic masculinity through the roof.

SolidGamerX6d ago

Never gonna happen Hollywood lost its balls ages ago. Don't be surprised if the new Conan is a transgender feminist.

annoyedgamer6d ago

Conan gonna be a woman..calling it now. And she is going to be the first fully clothed barbarian.

AnubisG5d ago

No, I don't think so. Conan will be Swartzenegger. However, since he is old, he will be conqured by or replaced by a "fierce, independent, strong, yass queen" barbarian woman. That is what I think.

Silly gameAr6d ago

A new Conan movie? Had no idea they were making one, and I'm 100% behind this idea.