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Schwarzenegger confirms growing an epic beard for The Legend of Conan

Former Cali. Governor and all around bad-ass, Arnold Schwarzenegger, teased latest Terminator and talked about his beard in The Legend of Conan on Reddit.

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Inzo539d ago

Please Arnold distance yourself from the Her-minator movies. I really hope the new Conan raises the toxic masculinity through the roof.

539d ago
annoyedgamer538d ago

Conan gonna be a woman..calling it now. And she is going to be the first fully clothed barbarian.

AnubisG537d ago

No, I don't think so. Conan will be Swartzenegger. However, since he is old, he will be conqured by or replaced by a "fierce, independent, strong, yass queen" barbarian woman. That is what I think.

Silly gameAr538d ago

A new Conan movie? Had no idea they were making one, and I'm 100% behind this idea.