Kristen Stewart appears as gay Captain America and fans cringe

Kristen Stewart made headlines for calling executives at Disney transphobic, now she is being favoured as the next gay Captain America, fans are cringing.

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TheUpbringer335d ago

Exactly how hard was she struck in the head?

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Batnut00335d ago

Please point out where she actually called Disney Executives transphobic otherwise you’re just peddling hate-clicks with bullshit.

big_dom_returns335d ago

Is "hate-clicks" a level above click baiting? Seems to be all the rage with Youtubers these days, and their outrage for anything "different".

Chexs1990335d ago

There are multiple articles about that. Had something to do with passing her up for a role or an idea for a movie or something.
Use Google ffs

Batnut00335d ago

At most she mentioned about being told not getting a marvel role due to holding her gf’s hand in public but nothing about her calling any Disney executive transphobic. I know cause I did check google and if you can find me a direct quote I’ll admit fault, if not, don’t bother responding.

maybelovehate335d ago

She didn't. Just more spin on the internet. Yay.

big_dom_returns335d ago

Yes. Make it so. If only to see the nerd's head's explode and the fallout would be glorious.

Eiffel335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Yeah they should do it to rustle annoying capeshit viewers, but also for financial loss reasons cause fucking disney.

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The story is too old to be commented.