Rian Johnson's Star Wars Trilogy Said To Be Very Different From Previous Films

WGTC: “Rian Johnson's Star Wars trilogy is said to be very different from previous movies and won't be as lightsaber-heavy as what we've seen in the past.”

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HRoach61613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Didn’t Johnson get pulled off the Star Wars films? I could have sworn he was.
“Lightsaber heavy”? There’s 1-2 duels in each movie. What we need is MORE lightsabers. Bring it back to the old republic and either the first or second rise of the sith. Massive battles of Jedi and Sith. Or even farther back to Jedi and the dark Jedi becoming the first sith. More action. Less politics and “destiny” stuff. Just give us cool Jedi/Sith stories.

HRoach61613d ago

Just checked. He’s still making them. I didn’t care much for last Jedi. But given freedom to create his own story and characters I won’t dismiss him. I just didn’t think he cared much for continuing Abrams story with episode 8.

Deadpoolio12d ago

Except Jedi was his own story, with mostly his own characters, considering its known that Abrams literally gave Disney a blueprint for the entire sequel trilogy and Rian Johnson decided he wanted to throw that away and completely write his own thing didn't care what came before it. Didn't even care what was supposed to come after it since its also known that Colin Trevorrow who was originally supposed to do episode 9 asked him to keep Luke alive because he heavily played into the story in ep.9 and again Johnson didn't care...

xTonyMontana12d ago

How is he even still getting this trilogy after TLJ's reception? If they want to give a trilogy to anyone, it should have been Gareth Edwards, Rogue One is by far the best of the Disney era movies by a long margin.

MWH12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Yea, they will be very special 💩