Tom Holland Reiterates That He Wants To See A Gay Spider-Man

WGTC: “Tom Holland has reiterated that he hopes to one day see a gay Spider-Man up on the big screen, saying it'd be a progressive way to create a new character.”

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Inzo616d ago

"it'd be a progressive way to create a new character.”

Its not creating a new character its hijacking a current one.

Mr Pumblechook615d ago

Tom Holland is a delightful ballet dancer, here he can be seen with his male dance partner as they discuss their shared love of dance.

JokerBoy422616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

Fuck that. Just write a new gay character! Stop hijacking established characters. Holy crap am I glad this dude is no longer Spider-Man.

Sgt_Slaughter615d ago

Tom Holland is still Spider-Man, tons of people keep misspeaking and aren't informed.

mkis007616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

he is still spiderman... he just isnt in the mcu. now his spiderman is in the spiderU with Venom.

AllAroundDistraction616d ago

You can ask for any type of character, once you no longer play that character. As long as you respect the character you are given. After that, the fans will respect you for asking for anything. Example: a non-English speaking, 68 year old spiderman... if that is what you want.

2pacalypsenow616d ago


What does someones sexual orientation have to do with being a superhero?

strayanalog616d ago

Exactly. It doesn't. In my opinion, no one needs to know any character's sexual orientation unless it's part of the plot.

Yi-Long616d ago

So, Nobody needs to know about Clark's Lois? Or Spider-Man's MJ? Or Hulk's Betty? Or Reed Richard's wife Susan?

Fact is, when you write characters, they're going to be in relationships, when they're not beating bad guys, when in their personal, private life. That's always been there in the comics.

I don't believe Tom Holland is saying Peter Parker should suddenly be made gay, but with the whole multiverse thing, or with the story about Miles and other characters becoming 'Spider-Man', you could easily write a new character in who's gay, and who gains Spider-powers. No big deal.

Z501616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

You serious?

You can't see a character struggling with having powers AND (possibly) struggling with their sexuality while possibly saving the world?

KwietStorm_BLM616d ago

Anyone know if there's any openings left back in regularville? I need to move back.

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The story is too old to be commented.