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The Star Wars Prequels Are Better Than You Think

Star Wars Prequels Are Better Than You Think - The Star Wars Saga uses various visual parallels, lending credence to the idea that they're just as good and maybe better than the OT.

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guywazeldatatt1778d ago

these parallels within the prequels are really cool and personally I think that the PT is better than the OT and enhances the OT tbh.

anakinskywalker671778d ago

this is blasphemous. the OT will always be better. always. nothing will ever top that first shot of the original Star Wars.

guywazeldatatt1778d ago

if you read the article you'll see it's rather intelligent, more than I can say about you! ;)

Prince-Ali1778d ago


thorstein1777d ago

And my opinion is that your opinion is trash.

Eiffel1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Certainly more apparent with the sequels existing.

guywazeldatatt1778d ago

the ST was dead once they threw away George's treatments.

Prince-Ali1778d ago

Is George Lucas a family member or is he your lover or something..? You defend him soooo much!? He absolutely CAN build a world but he is absolutely NOT a great movie maker loool

coolbeans1778d ago

Red Letter Minutiae left a permanent mark on the 'cultural discourse' of those films, which enabled annoying fanboys to pretend George was off his rocker making...the very thing that inspired him: cheesy adventure serials in the vein of Flash Gordon. I don't blame GL for being sick of hearing it from those types, even after goodwill was being accrued with The Clone Wars TV series.

FTLmaster1778d ago

Rewatched them recently and apart from a few good moments -- Ewan McGregor, Darth Maul, order 66 scene -- it was a bit of a slog to get through.

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beerhound21d ago

Love the comics, need to watch this show.