George Lucas' Sequel Trilogy Treatment Analysis

George Lucas' Sequel Trilogy Treatment for Episode VII has been revealed and is massively different than The Force Awakens.

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guywazeldatatt279d ago

I'm in shock. This alludes to a lot of the spoilers floating around. I'm George helped JJ with the script for IX, so I imagine a lot of this may be incorporated in the film.

anakinskywalker67279d ago

This is so fascinating. And so much better than the shit we've gotten. Hopefully TROS rectifies the previous films' mistakes.

guywazeldatatt279d ago

Lucas is a genius. He's bad at dialogue, but world building, plot, he's amazing. If this is incorporated into IX I will cry. I'll forgive the clusterfuck that was TLJ.

guywazeldatatt279d ago

It matches a lot of the spoilers and things in TFA artwork book. I think it's legit. if so, we're in for a ride. and it will be the best SW film of all time. It won't be all of it, but, I think it will be great. genuinely.

emiyaxtousaka279d ago

this would kill Reylo. those people are crazy cultists. they need to go back to watching twilight