Rey's Parentage Hinted at in D23 Expo Footage

Rey's Parentage Hinted at in D23 Expo Footage - The D23 Expo left a huge hint at who Rey's biological parents actually are.

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guywazeldatatt183d ago

a mother's signet ring? it's blurry but you can make out two stones. I wonder if anyone can lighten it up so we can see it. I could only crop from the full hi-def, as best quality as I could.

anakinskywalker67183d ago

this is so dumb! why wouldn't her mom recognize her! none of this makes sense!!!!

guywazeldatatt183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

well if you believe the leaked spoilers it would explain that. and she IS motherly to her, maybe she was trying to protect her? JJ said carrie is the heart of the film.

TheSuperiorGamer183d ago

It seems obvious JJ planned this from the start given the fact that one of the images of the ring is from TFA. well played.

guywazeldatatt183d ago

it's quite poetic. also her wearing the ring when she's all dark? really tragic. but we don't have context. I'm really excited.

emiyaxtousaka183d ago

finally that cult will stfu. I want to savor this forever.

guywazeldatatt183d ago

they're psychopaths. quite literally.

Inzo183d ago

Fans: Why did you ruin Star Trek JJ?

JJ Abrams: Wait till you see how I ruined Star Wars.