Disney-Sony fallout means we're getting a Spider-Man vs Venom movie

A lot of people are upset about the Disney-Sony fallout. But let's look at the bright side, we're getting a Spider-Man vs Venom movie with Tom Holland.

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BrownRanger626d ago

Good. The MCU is spiralling downwards anyway.

Imalwaysright625d ago

It's an entertaining movie but if you're expecting a masterpiece you'll be disappointed.

Inzo625d ago

Thats exactly what End Game was.

2pacalypsenow625d ago (Edited 625d ago )

Marvel Movies aren't really Masterpieces.

Except maybe the first Iron Man

bishup25625d ago (Edited 625d ago )

an okayish overall movie. it stands on a 6.7/10 - IMDB
the comedy parts are some of it's better writing.
Riz Ahmed imo, not the best villain choice. on par with Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor.

Venom was also produced by Sony Pictures.

Tech5625d ago (Edited 625d ago )

+ entertaining.
+ the comedy parts were pretty amusing.
- mixed on the writing.
- Riz Ahmed was a bit random of a choice for a villain.

6.7/10 - sounds about right for the writing. still a watchable movie with friends. my two cents.

SodoBot626d ago

Glad they are keeping Holland. He's a great Peter Parker.

yomfweeee626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

This article is just completely made up. Yes, it could happen. But you act like this was announced or something.

Zeref625d ago

Not with Tom Holland we're not. He has a contract for 1 more movie. After that he's probably going to leave

demonic36625d ago

Oh you know what his plans are do you, or can you predict the future?

Aldous_Snow625d ago

That's exactly what this article is doing

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