More Huge Spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker

More Huge Spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker - More specific spoilers have leaked for The Rise of Skywalker, including who the true villain is.

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guywazeldatatt24d ago

these actually seem plausible given that Lucas helped with the scenario/script, and this is CONFIRMED.

GGEZ24d ago

confirmed my ass. Lucas himself said all of his ideas were rejected and that after the buyout he was completely pushed out.

guywazeldatatt23d ago

you're about to look very foolish. JJ went to George. this is confirmed in numerous media outlets.

Prince-Ali23d ago

Bruh what are you even talking about! JJ said he/they called and had consultancy THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT LUCAS HAD A HUGE HAND IN IT! You're just reaching here and hoping for that best case scenario...

guywazeldatatt23d ago

you're just a hater they had extensive meetings. you have no idea what you're talking about.

Prince-Ali19d ago


AHAHAH HOW AM I A HATERRR...!? "They had extensive meetings" loool says who!?!?! Wheres the proof? you were SO quick to point out that article which literally states that They 'Consulted' Lucas im quoting the article where the HELLLL is all this "they had extensive meetings" coming from..? I get you love Star Wars but dont be an idiot..?

nottfadeaway24d ago

this would be awesome but disney would never allow something this cool to come to the big screen after the shitfest that was TLJ.

guywazeldatatt24d ago

Disney doesn't know how to take true risks. just look at the lion king remake. but George was involved in this. it's the only reason I have hope. JJ is saying EFF YOU to RJ.

anakinskywalker6724d ago

I really want these to be true. It seems this would fit with Lucas' original ST. Unfortunately, doubt Kennedy or Disney would let it fly...

guywazeldatatt24d ago

it fits with what I have been told. but then sources always mix in disinfo. I do not know. I only posted it because someone else started posting spoilers to a forum and some of this stuff I never even got.