Runtime of The Rise of Skywalker Hinted At

Runtime of The Rise of Skywalker hinted at - It has been revealed how many minutes worth of music John Williams is writing for TROS, hinting at the runtime.

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guywazeldatatt28d ago

I'm actually really excited for this. I disdained TLJ but John Williams is always a treat. I hope the film lives up to his epic score!

anakinskywalker6728d ago

boycott this shit. between this and Spider-Man, FUCK DISNEY.

zodiac90927d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@guywazeldatatt And people like you who do as your told, and swallow the shit, are known as "sheep." Nothing worse than that. ;)

Brian765549228d ago

Someone has a stick up their rear. It's called entertainment and if you are so hurt by this then don't see it but stop acting like everyone else need sto follow your stupid moral high-ground.

guywazeldatatt28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Exactly. Did I like TLJ? Not entirely, though it had some amazing moments. I liked TFA for the most part and I love the prequels. Lucas even came on to help JJ with TROS (confirmed). These losers have nothing better than to bitch about. This if you actually read the little that was said about the score, it seems like this may be the most epic film in the saga. and I do trust JJ with this. He's staking his career on this film. It's a monumental challenge. I'm so tired of this outrage culture...I don't like PC culture either but people look for it, and then find it where it's not because of confirmation bias. These people are like fascists.I don't even say this lightly.

I love Star Wars and despite the fact that TLJ was the worst experience I had in a movie theatre, I will see it, and I will be excited for it. Because my love for SW outweighs any misgivings I have about the last film. One film I don't like out of 8 mainline films so far? I'd say that's not really that bad. People give RJ shit but the one thing he did understand was the hypocrisy of the Jedi. People say "luke wasn't luke"...well...whiny Luke returned in that scene with Yoda. He was Luke, people just had a stick up their butts (my issues were with pacing and lack of tonal consistency) because of their pre-conceived notions.

PapaBop28d ago

Why would you boycott Spiderman to spite Disney? They'd thank you for it.

emiyaxtousaka28d ago

This has the potential to be the most epic SW film yet. will it? only time will tell.

Inzo27d ago

This going to be one of Disney's biggest failures to date and it will cancel out everything they achieved with End Game.

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