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Disgruntled Fans Start #BoycottSony Movement Over Spider-Man MCU Divorce, And It's Ridiculous

Opinions aplenty, but the hypocrisy on display is simply ridiculous when it comes to the Spider-Man x MCU drama happening right now.

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P_Bomb628d ago

Boycott what? Was this entitled gen even born when I saw the Raimi-verse make history almost 20 years ago? There’s more to movies than the MCU. This deal never had to happen in the first place. But you got 5 movies out of it. Be thankful cuz you could’ve got zero. Keep biting the hands that feed and no studio will ever do it again.

kevinsheeks628d ago

it needed the mcu without the mcu it feels lacking I was excited to see him team up with the new avengers nothing they do now will top anything that could have happened in the mcu.

spider-man just lost access to a host of heroes and villains

Inzo628d ago

The original Spider-man didnt need the MCU, that did just fine. And they still have a host of villains and super heroes they can build their own universe around. And then of course there is Venom which will meet Spider-man at some point.

Magic_Spatula628d ago

Far From Home is Sony's highest grossing movie of all time. So yeah, it kinda did. With how Amazing Spider-Man 2 was and how they had to reboot the series twice, they did need Marvel. If they didn't have Marvel, then Spider-Man wouldn't have the resurgence it's had recently (speaking film wise).

Inzo628d ago


Not if you take inflation into account. So no, they kinda did not.

Shikoku627d ago (Edited 627d ago )


The original Spiderman movies weren't groundbreaking or even good really people just have Nostalgia
glasses on for those movies for some reason but they did break records in their day so they didn't need the MCU to do it. Honestly the Amazing Spider movies with Garfield are better than the originals and the new ones.

mrmikew2018628d ago

Wow, don’t you think you’re jumping the gun on this one?

I shouldn’t be surprise, but I’m still amaze how ignorant people like you can be when something doesn’t go their way.

But then again you thought it was a good idea to make this post...

PapaBop628d ago

Movement was probably started by Disney to deflect criticism. Most experienced movie goers know what Disney is like, just ask Tarantino.

BlackTar187627d ago

they have insane demands. Disney is the devil int he blue dress.... Looks great but be careful when you look within.

AnubisG628d ago

Well, this one is on Disney, not Sony. So if these fools want to fight the "good fight" than boycot Disney as they ruined the deal.

Shikoku627d ago

Disney needs to be busted up by the government under antitrust honestly

627d ago
Shinkus628d ago

How are people defending Sony in this when Disney wants a 50/50 cut of a movie they did almost all the work in making? Sony hasn't made a good Spiderman movie since spiderman 2. Spiderman joining the mcu was a godsend, since Sony clearly doesn't know how to use him properly.

Dark_Knightmare2628d ago

No they did not do all the work lol come on Disney fanboy

Shinkus627d ago

I can only hope that they keep the rights and Sony butchers the character again. Maybe then they'll just sell the whole thing to Disney like Fox did.

2pacalypsenow628d ago

No Disney wants all the merchandise revenue plus 50% of the movie profits.

That would leave Sony with crumbs.

Shinkus627d ago

As opposed to Sony having the full rights of the character and merchandising and nosediving the series into the ground? 50% of a billion is more than 100% of nothing. Sony lost any kind of faith from me with regards to Spiderman. Venom has shown me that they have the capability to use the more adult side of comics breathing. That does not rekindle any kind of faith in their ability to do Spiderman correctly.

rdgneoz3627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

50/50 of all movies in the spidey universe (and creative control), including venom 2 and other spinoffs... Throw in Disney owning 100% of the merchandise rights and Disney looks greedy as hell.

P_Bomb627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

I don’t know about that. Sony won an Oscar for Into the Spiderverse a mere 6 months ago . Last Marvel movie to win an Oscar before that was Sony’s Spider-Man 2.

In any case, this wasn’t about subjective preference for movies but objective cost/benefit. Disney already gets 100% merchandising and all the profit from theme parks. Sony bankrolled Far From Home themselves. On top of that, Venom made pretty much the same box office as Homecoming with Iron Man. Here’s the kicker: Do you know how much money Disney gave Sony for using Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame (a combined cume of almost 6 billion dollars)?


The problem in this scenario is people are thinking with their hearts, not their heads. Disney wants 50%. Do you know what 50% of Far from Home’s worldwide 1 billion dollar gross would give Sony? Less than any live action Spider-Man movie they made themselves. https://www.boxofficemojo.c...

Check out John Campea’s YouTube commentary. No one in Hollywood would’ve accepted those terms vs the deal they already had.

Imalwaysright627d ago

Spider-verse to me was a far superior movie when compared with Homecoming (have yet to watch far from home) and every MCU movie that I watched aside from Winter Soldier, Blade and Deadpool (if you count these 2 as MCU movies). If Sony lets the producing team behind Spider-verse take over the live action movies I'm sure that we'll get great Spider man movies in the future.

Shinkus627d ago

You're going to add in an animated movie with regards to Sony putting out quality? I'm talking about what they did with the live action version of the character and more than half of their live action movies were shit.

BlackTar187627d ago

Disney fanboys are hilarious they can't even see beyond their nose

627d ago
Shinkus627d ago

I was a Sony fanboy when it came to Spiderman until they butchered the series with a shit third movie and then a garbage reboot and sequel.

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