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The Matrix 4 Announced, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss Returning

The Matrix 4 Announced, Keanu Reeves and Carrie- Anne Moss Returning - Today it was announced that The Matrix 4 is in development w/ Keanu Reeves returning

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guywazeldatatt634d ago

This will either be very good or very bad. And this is coming from someone who loves all three films.

KingPin634d ago

or it could be ok. this coming from someone who love all three films.

guywazeldatatt633d ago

At the very least it won’t be woke BS. My guess is it’s a spiritual sequel.

emiyaxtousaka634d ago

it will probably be a sequel with the reincarnation of neo and trinity (remember, humans are "grown")

guywazeldatatt634d ago

this was my thought. if fishburne doesn't return though I'll be disappointed. he was the soul of the first film. I think this will start off a new trilogy. the series is more relevant now than ever.

anakinskywalker67634d ago

this is really cool. I was in HS when these came out (except the first). best trilogy ever made. I honestly think given today's climate, this has the potential to surpass the originals. the wachowskis are so fascinating and won't let us down.

guywazeldatatt634d ago

some would argue they did with the second two films, but I agree wholeheartedly. time to take the red pill again!

demonic36634d ago

Only the first Matrix film was any good,the other 2 were just ok. Not that thrilled for another.

KingPin634d ago

you know how they say not everything is meant for everybody..........matrix just isnt for you mate.

Bathyj633d ago

He took the blue pill.

guywazeldatatt633d ago

Bathy 😂😂😂 28514; I’m doing an article today on why the second two are great.

2pacalypsenow633d ago

The battle scene on 3 was awesome.