New Poll Shows That The Lord Of The Rings Is More Popular Than Star Wars

WGTC: “A new Twitter poll shows that The Lord of the Rings, despite being out of theaters for years, is more popular than Star Wars.”

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AnubisG323d ago

Ahhh yes, Twitter...the end all be all place. Should be deleted from the face of the earth along with all social media.

On topic; as Disney is ruining SW by injecting identity politics into it, no wonder TLotR is more popular now. I'd rather watch TLotR as well than any of the Disney SW SJW movies for sure. The Force is female huh? Get out of here with this crap!

2pacalypsenow323d ago

As it should be, Lord of the rings is much better.

Star wars has been bastardized.

demonic36323d ago

You're joking? Lord of the rings films are one of the most boring set of films i'v ever watched! Star wars on the other hand are always interesting.