Black Panther kills Captain Marvel in sales

Brie Larson may play the the most powerful superhero in the MCU but in reality Black Panther kills Captain Marvel in sales.

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BobKotickIsTheKiller31d ago

Only reason film did great at box office was Endgame hype.

BrownRanger31d ago

also advertisement was on point. Every other ad was a CM ad.

DillyDilly31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It turns out Disney may have lied about lots of Box Office earnings & a lot of things money wise

JokerBoy42231d ago

Most people only went because Marvel claimed the movie would affect Endgame in a big way. It didn't. Not only that but Captain Marvel was barely in Endgame.

Gameseeker_Frampt30d ago

I wonder how Endgame would of ended if Captain Marvel didn't save Tony Stark at the beginning...

Inzo30d ago


It would have ended the same because captain marvel was shoe horned in. We can only be thankful that she only got something like 12min of screen time.

JokerBoy42230d ago


Literally anyone could have been written to save Stark. Captain Marvel wasn't needed. We know this because Black Widow's sandwich got more screen time than Captain Marvel.

2pacalypsenow31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Bet she's looking for a way to blame white men on this..

Abnor_Mal31d ago

Lol, you made me laugh out in the doctors waiting room.

Batnut0031d ago

Meanwhile Captain Marvel kills Ant-Man and the Wasp in terms of sales but I don't see anyone making headlines about that. Just move on already and enough with the hate-click headlines.

2pacalypsenow31d ago

That's because Ant man doesn't get nearly the amount of promotion that these two movies get.

And Paul Rudd is not an annoying feminist.

Batnut0031d ago

I mean, it came off the heels of Infinity War, you think it didn't have enough marketing? It also had a major female lead front and center but nobody bitched about that either. You basically admit right there that it's about Brie Larson's feelings regarding the film industry which was the point of her critiques and y'all act like she killed your dog because men. Grow up and stop acting like whiny children. That goes for the author of the article too.

2pacalypsenow31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Nah shes just unlikable and annoying.

And fans have a right to dislike her and her movies.

Batnut0031d ago

It's not about liking or disliking her movies, it's about articles like this one trying to find ANY means to consider Captain Marvel a failure when it's not. Again, get over it and move on.

2pacalypsenow30d ago

"Again, get over it and move on."

You can do the same with these articles.

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BlackTar18731d ago

Defending a woman who acts like a whiny child by telling everyone else to stop acting like a whiny child. Goooood GAME sir

Batnut0031d ago

I mean, yeah, considering how many people have put up YT videos and nonsensical articles like this one trying to justify the movie failing in some way or misconstruing her comments is absolutely being a child. You didn't like the movie fine, but trying to suggest it flopped by comparing it to one of the biggest Solo Marvel Movies, or that selling 1.5 million blu-ray copies is somehow bad, or trying to find SOME way as to how her politics hurt the movie, is being a child right now and need to move onto something else.

yellowgerbil30d ago

Just give up Batnut, she is never going to sleep with you

Inzo30d ago

So it turns out that Disney has been fudging their numbers for a while now. FYI Alita Battle Angel is also killing Captain Marvel in sales, so why is no one covering that?

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SolidGamerX31d ago

That's not saying much anything would have killed Captain Marvel in sales the movie sucked.

franwex31d ago

I get why people like these movies, but I thought they were both kinda boring. So...meh.

Fototherapist31d ago

Agreed. Neither Cpt. Marvel nor Black Panther were anything exciting or ground breaking. Just hype.

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