Obi-Wan Television Series Coming to Disney+

Obi-Wan Television Series Coming to Disney + - It has now been confirmed that an Obi-Wan television series is coming to Disney+.

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guywazeldatatt33d ago

I'm really excited, Obi-Wan is my favorite SW character.

emiyaxtousaka33d ago

Anakin is mine, but, hopefully it's not Obi sitting in the deserts of Tattooine the entire time.

Eiffel32d ago

I'm sure they'll do their best to change that.

lifeistranger33d ago

This should have been a film. At least disney is adapting after the Solo failure.

HRoach61632d ago

Website didn’t load for me so I couldn’t check. But I’m pretty sure this is still a rumor. I am literally listening to a podcast about this right when I saw this post and they didn’t mention any confirmations.