Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Deserves a Chance

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Deserves a Chance - While The Last Jedi was a horrible film, that in no way wears any bearing on The Rise of Skywalker.

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guywazeldatatt34d ago

I hate people shitting on this film. Yeah, I didn't like the trailer per se, but, the film isn't out yet and even the detractors will see it. the whole "boycott " thing is BS.

Allsystemgamer34d ago

Considering the last couple movies were pretty bad, I don’t blame the fan base at all.

Summons7534d ago

The only movie that was bad was Solo. 7 and 8 were great, and Rogue One was pretty good too.

PapaBop34d ago

Disney only have themselves to blame. On the bright side though, at least it'll be better than TLJ.. it couldn't be any worse.

Lord_Sloth33d ago

I wouldn't challenge them on that. Better director, sure, but that doesn't mean it'll certainly be better, especially since the franchise killed off Luke for such a bs reason.

MWH34d ago

go watch then, good for you. to each his own.

zodiac90934d ago

YOU hate people hating on this film..and people hate you for praising it.

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lifeistranger34d ago

TFA sucked, JJ's a hack, the film is going to be god-awful. hard pass for me.

TheSuperiorGamer34d ago

I'm a huge star wars fan but the ST has been crap. give me Lucas' ST!!!!

guywazeldatatt34d ago

given lucas helped craft TROS this point has no credence whatsoever.

SenorFartCushion34d ago

You probably hated Lucas 4 or 5 years ago.

emiyaxtousaka34d ago

could be good, could be bad, I'll wait to see it myself.

AnubisG34d ago

No it doesn't. TFA was bad and the TLJ was AWFUL. Solo was barely watchable. Based on these 3 movies, how will this one be different? It won't. Especially with SJW's running the show. The force is female huh? Get out of here with this divisive SJW crap. They ruined SW because of their politics.

Allsystemgamer34d ago

TFA was decent at release. The problems really showed after TLJ. TLJ made TFA worse because it just tossed it out the window, making nothing in the ST make any sense.

AnubisG34d ago

TFA was basically the New Hope retold. It wasn't that good. For me Rey's character ruines everything.

SenorFartCushion34d ago

Tossed what out of the window?

Godmars29034d ago

I don't consider semi-palatable "decent". Realized I was watching New Hope 2/3 first viewing and, where I saw how things connected in NH, the more I think about TFA the more I find plot issues with it. Like how did Po pop up from nowhere after the TIE crash. Haven't bothered with TLJ because of the argument around it, and its defender's stance of "because its SW its good" just doesn't fly. I'm done with it.

Fototherapist34d ago

I agree that TFA was highly derivative and TLJ was pure crap. Solo wasn't too bad actually, but I could have done without the SJW tripe. Rogue One was pretty good in my opinion. Still, RO jumped on the SJW bandwagon with the hero rebels being almost all minorities (because of course they are) and the bad guys being (you guessed it) all white men (because of course they are).

SenorFartCushion34d ago

Oh, a moron has joined the conversation.

How's single life treating you?

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The story is too old to be commented.