Wesley Snipes Rumored To Be Playing Dracula In Blade Reboot

WGTC: “A new rumor says that Wesley Snipes could return to the Blade franchise for the Mahershala Ali reboot, but this time he'll play Dracula.”

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esemce196d ago

Blackula!, Dracula's soul brotha.

Aldous_Snow196d ago

Ugh keep this talentless relic away

Hroach616195d ago

I know “Dracula” is a fictional character. But Vlad Tepes(Vlad the impalor) who Dracula is based off of is a real person.
And don’t scream “racist” because snipes is black. I’m all for a black Ariel because that’s a completely fictional character. Dracula is based on a real person from a real part of the world in a time where there were few, if any, black people. Unless they are completely changing the characters backstory(in that case why call him Dracula at all) this makes no sense to me.