Disney reportedly killing Star Wars originals to snub Lucas

Disney are reportedly spitefully killing off original Star Wars characters in virtue of George Lucas financial ties to them.

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KillerCucumber11d ago

I was excited for the new characters until they ruined them in The Last Jedi.

SenorFartCushion11d ago

Translation: it did what I didn't expect and therefore I dislike it.

The whinging regarding The Last Jedi will go down in film history and our generation is just going to sound dumb and greedy.

arkard11d ago

What was good about the last jedi?

goldwyncq11d ago

It subverted expectations in a bad way. The Last Jedi and GoT S8 will be used in the future as textbook examples on how to avoid bad writing.

Allsystemgamer11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The movie did do what I didn’t expect. I expected it to be a good movie.

The movie was objectively bad. It didn’t follow the previous films, abandoned character arcs, the plot didn’t go anywhere, the conflict is pretty much over as REN is in no way a threat to beats everybody up Rey, they butchered Luke’s character etc.

If it was it’s own thing it could have been a decent C grade movie. But it was a sequel to one of the most beloved franchises in history and it didn’t respect that history.

I didn’t see solo because of TLJ and I no longer have any interest in ep 9 or any other Star Wars content. If that managed to get passed QC then I don’t expect anything else good to come.

The damn tag line was let the past due. What do they do the next movie? MORE nostalgia. Ffs.

BrainletSlayer10d ago

People did get what they expected after seeing the force awakens. And they still hated it. Surprise surprise brainlet.

fr0sty10d ago

So THAT'S what happened to Carrie Fisher...

Shinkus10d ago

Lmao. The last Jedi will go down in history for what it was, a pile of garbage. Our generation is only going to sound dumb when it has people who defend that movie without providing any reasoning behind their defense.

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SamPao11d ago

If that was true, why would they make a Solo movie?

OnlyThoseOnTheFence11d ago

What you don't believe this click-bait from a site called "Sausage Roll" that's quoting a guy named "Doomcock"?

Summons7511d ago

I mean they put no effort into that movie. The script was bad it felt thrown together and the actor for Solo was horrible and was absolutely nothing like Han. It's hard to be worse than the prequel trilogy but they managed it.

Allsystemgamer11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

To make a quick buck. But that didn’t work.

Kabaneri11d ago

Disney is going to kill Marvel next.

SenorFartCushion11d ago

To snub Lucas? What nonsense. This is protocol for new trilogies. Did Lucas make Anakin the main character in the prequels to snub Mark Hammill?


BrainletSlayer10d ago

Brainlet strikes again. Also the Skywalker bloodline has been one ofthe main focuses. Saying that there is one "main" character is absolutely ridiculous. Also good job on spelling.

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