Jason Momoa's TMT protest is dumb, here is why

Dianne Anders: "Although his little "I was run over by a bulldozer" joke was adorable, Jason Momoa's TMT protest is dumb. And here is why."

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BrownRanger73d ago

Dumb is obviously objective. Ndepe ds which you value more, culture or science.

LittleBigHalo73d ago

Umm... pretty sure that's made clear with the "opinion piece" tag lol

KillerCucumber73d ago

I'm guessing the Hawaiians feel pretty robbed and are trying to hold on to what little they've got left..
But valid points, nonetheless.

b00mFargl372d ago

So I was in Hawaii about a week ago and the Hawaiians kept mentioning the government military presence with that telescope and how they already put one on another island. I'm sure that the historical part is a huge piece, but there is more to the story.

thejigisup72d ago

It's a pretty dumb opinion piece, not enough info in there to really give a decent argument. There are other places to build the telescope and Spain is being considered, in a non sacred location. The author posits the idea that we may get hit with some giant planet killer asteroid, which may happen, if and when it does a telescope won't stop it.