Are SJWs And PC Culture-Based Propaganda Ruining Movies?

Hollywood isn’t entirely to blame for this “let’s please everyone all at once” trend.Enter the Social Justice Warriors, aka SJWs.

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SamPao73d ago

And then the author realises that everything in a movie is forced, every frame, every color, ever object, every word, every look, everything is forced into a picture.

BUT lets forget that, and judge movies on how many woman are in one frame...
clap clap clap

Myst-Vearn73d ago

You are a SJW. I hope your mother is proud of you.

SamPao72d ago

You dont even know me. You dont even know my views ^^

I just call out a shitty article when I see one. Really he brought up that one frame in a marvel movie where there are all these female heroes.
While there are a thousand frames like that with just male ones. Cant give it a free pass.
I think sjw goes both ways now hahaha

dcbronco72d ago

It's strange there were no complaints of SJW when Westerns only had white cowboys despite the fact that 50% of cowboys were Latino and 25% were black. Sometimes a lack of education can make things seem forced too.

dcbronco73d ago

It could be that there are a handful of people in Hollywood that control what we see and they only hire a handful of directors, actors and writers. They all follow formulas based on what sells the most tickets. There have been some really stupid reasons they have or haven't done something in movies over the years. So it's not a "social justice warrior" thing. It's a lack of talent maximize profits thing. Remember Star Trek was very controversial because of the Uhura and Kirk kiss. Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts were supposed to kiss in the Pelican Brief. But it was determined America couldn't handle their sweetheart being kissed by a black guy. So don't blame liberals, blame money.

dcbronco72d ago

Maybe the producers knew what they were doing all along. All those years of kissing white men's asses was based on their knowledge that huge numbers of them were too fragile to even imagine anything else. Maybe all this time society has been handing them all participation trophies because anything else would cause them to shoot up the place.

Hollywood sucks. The nonstop stream of reboots makes that clear as day. So the majority of what comes out of that mostly talentless group of minds is probably going to be ass anyway. But if white males can't accept the spotlight being on anyone else for even a second f'em. It sucks when diversity is forced. But what sucks more is when it's denied based on prejudice. You've had a several thousand years run.

Count_Bakula73d ago

They certainly are if any outcry spreads and affects decision-makers because many of these weak, selfish people don't want things they don't like to exist for others. Confederate on HBO an example, dumbass, thin-skinned, selfish people flipped out about fiction. Ruining? Probably not, but they can definitely weaken good, creative, interesting projects and even hinder them.

ControllerBreaker73d ago

Yes 500% and it needs to stop. Hollywood and the MSM hate for white people and males is extremist racist and genocide. They are modern day nazis

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