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Halle Bailey Breaks Silence On The Little Mermaid Casting Backlash

WGTC: “Halle Bailey breaks her silence on the online backlash against her casting as Ariel in Disney's upcoming The Little Mermaid remake.”

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Hroach616409d ago

I don’t care that she’s black. Just do that hair red and we good (I have a thing for redheads. Only reason I even watched the original when I was little)

IRetrouk409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

I dont care what colour she is, as long as the film stays true to the story who cares? but if we flipped the coin and turned pocahontas, or tiana or any other non white character white, there would be issues too. It's just the way the world works.

Hroach616409d ago

I get what ur saying. But at the same time those characters story itself is steeped in their ethnicity and culture. Well, Pocahontas at least. Tiana less so. But my point stands. Ariel can feasibly be any ethnicity because mermaids aren’t real.

2pacalypsenow409d ago

I think the same backlash would happen if one of the black characters was cast with a white actor/actress.

Might even be worse since everyone would call it racist.