Aquaman is gay but Jason Momoa's version won't be

It was revealed that Aquaman is gay in the latest episode of the animated series Young Justice: Outsiders, but it won't affect Jason Momoa's version.

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BrownRanger303d ago

Good. Here are things I don't care about:

A hero's sexual orientation.
What kind of porn they like.
What their favourite breakfast cereal is.
What their political views are.

Give me a good story.

BuildTheWall302d ago

One thing I care about & gets me pissed off about these movies is when ANY OF THESE ANTI-GUN HOLLYWOOD LOONS MUSIC CELEBRITIES , etc is in movies that show gun violence , do voice acting for shooting games & then blame guns any time a shooting makes headlines , oh & these same people live behind gates , have walls around their homes , have armed security , own guns & STILL THESE VERY SAME PEOPLE OWN GUNS , the leftist celebrities need to give up their armed security&get rid of their guns if they really think they are bad as well as walls. Wait walls & guns are evil for everyone except for them.

Yi-Long302d ago

They're not 'anti-gun'; they're pro rational and sensible gun control laws.

Also, there's a difference between having a wall/fence around your home, and building a multi-billion dollar vanity-project useless wall on your border.

Jeffrorock301d ago

With all these mass shootings going on here in America, Mexico may want a damn wall,to keep these crazy dumbass raised moronic trump supporters out of Mexico...mexico and Mexicans are not the problem, this country, the United states of America, has gone stupid...

KillerCucumber303d ago

Why is it so important. Sexual orientation should be a private matter and nobody else's business.. it's not important.

Yi-Long302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Superman loves Lois Lane
Batman loves Selina/Catwoman
Reed Richards loves Sue/The Invisible Woman
Spider-Man loves MJ
Iron Man loves Pepper Potts
The Flash loves Iris West

So, are you telling me the writers of all these characters should just completely ignore these relationships?

Or did you actually mean to say that sexual orientation should be a private matter and nobody else's business, if their sexual orientation is anything other than straight/hetero!?

275d ago
SuggestionBoy303d ago

I got mad gay vibes from Aquaman. Lo

SodoBot303d ago

He loves seaman. Checks out. ;)

303d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.