Female Thor is a dumb idea for this reason

In Love and Thunder Thor is deemed unworthy to wield Mjolnir, but his former love, Jane Foster, is. A female Thor is a dumb idea. This is why.

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BrownRanger454d ago

The author of the comic botched the source material so badly. He literally stole the name of Thor and called thor Odinson. Thor is a name, not a title like this article said.

JustinJustDied454d ago

As till think it will be better than CM lol

KillerCucumber454d ago

No idea how funny this is for us Nords. Thor is a common name, like John. Natalie Portman is playing The Mighty John.

Batnut00454d ago

No one gave a shit about MCU Thor either until Taika took over so how about you cool the rhetoric and let the man do his thing instead of pulling out clickbait articles like this crap.

Inzo454d ago

You mean like Thor Ragnarok which is slightly better than the dark world but still fairly average at best? You mean that guy?

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