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The Backlash Over Witcher Netflix Casting Choices Has Been Shocking

Twinfinite writes "Unfortunately, the story of Netflix’s trailer reveal isn't a happy one. On the contrary, reaction to the footage has been divisive and even disturbing."

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Kabaneri74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Terrible casting choices, Indians in the Witcher universe?

HRoach61674d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I don’t care to be honest. Aaat least with the Yennefer casting. Chicks hot af. Yens supposed to be hot af. I haven’t seen her really acting in the role outside the trailer so I can’t judge that.
But the chick they cast as Triss...... it’s not a race issue. She’s just a little homely. She looks older than she should in the books or games. I didn’t even realize that actress was playing Triss till a trailer breakdown video. It’s not a skin color issue. It’s a the two main female leads are supposed to be pulling Geralts attention back and forth early in the relationship. Why would he look at Triss when Yen is WAY hotter.
It may be a shallow reason. But it makes sense to me and the people I’ve talked to in person. Everyone was just shocked at that casting. No one I’ve spoken to really had anything to say about Yens casting.