Marvel Officially Releases That Epic Captain Marvel Scene From Endgame

WGTC: “Marvel has officially released that epic Captain Marvel scene from Avengers: Endgame, where she destroys Thanos' spaceship.”

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Inzo380d ago

Is it that epic scene where Thanos bitch slaps Captain Marvel?

Vengeance1138380d ago

Now THAT was awesome, really rooted for Thanos after that! Captn Marvel truly got what she deserved there.

oasdada380d ago

Yup agreed.. Cap marvel just doesnt deserve the arrogance she displays in the whole movie such an unbakanced charachters with so little charachter depth! I felt more hyped when scarlet which came to face thanos! Im no anti feminist but damn they sure are shoving cap marvel down our throats!

cell989379d ago

It was epic, Thanos did us all a favor

JokerBoy422380d ago

So happy to see the anti Captain Marvel comments here! Brings a smile to my face lol.

nucky64380d ago

they ruined it when they made cap a woman.

Batnut00380d ago

Loved it, I cheered when she arrived and that moment between her and Peter was adorable.